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Customized search of chemical raw materials and special equipment. Technical support for the technology improvement.

LLC “Vista Line” is importing chemical raw materials during more than 15 years. Degreed chemist-technologists, chemist-engineers and foreign economic relations specialists. We have established business relations with a large quantity of companies, which produce a variety of chemical raw materials and chemical industry equipment around the world – Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India, Germany, Sweden, France, Austria, Spain, Italy, USA, during the years of our work.

We will be glad to satisfy your requests for unusual, rare chemical raw materials, to assist you to get the special chemicals for the particular needs of production or to select an analogue and to find the manufacturer of the products, which you are already use.

Moreover, the presence of R&D centers of our foreign partners allows us to participate in the improvement of formulations and technologies for our customers, to help them to choose the optimal working conditions and to search for innovative solutions for production optimization.

Together we can give a new impetus to growth of your company and to reach the new step of its development!



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